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Strong Impact Windows and Doors in the South East Florida Tri-County Area

Year-Round Protection


Florida is well known for the devastating hurricanes and storms that frequently ravage the area. The winds from those storms can easily break your windows and doors if they aren’t built properly. Our impact windows and doors withstand high winds and impacts so your home will be protected from the strongest of storms.

Stronger Products

To ensure that our windows and doors stay strong against high winds, we work with American manufacturers and suppliers. All the materials we use have been tested and proven to protect homes from the storms you frequently see in Florida. Call one of our experts if you want to learn about the glass and framing we use.

Expert Installations and Repairs

Even the strongest materials will prove insufficient if they aren’t installed correctly. Our skilled and experienced team install every window and door to the highest standard. When you work with us, you can trust your windows to truly protect your property and family all year long.

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“This Is the Place to Call”

“I called a few weeks ago to get pricing for windows, I spoke to a nice young lady who was the office manager, she was extremely thorough, professional and based off the information I gave her she was able to get someone over to me rather quickly. I was surprised and pleased. If anyone needs roofing or window installation or purchasing this is the place to call”

— Morningstar B.

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