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Collaborative Realtor Partnership in the South East Florida Tri-County Area

Realtors® and Builders

A Partnership That Makes Real Estate Sense

Join a force that understands the challenges that Realtors® face, and the needs of their clients, while providing the solutions to close deals and benefit property owners with a new roof or hurricane windows and doors.

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    Learn more about how our partnership works with real estate pros below and how you can keep or distribute your commission.


    Buyers, Sellers, Owner Occupants and Investors. You can help anyone get a new roof or hurricane windows and doors.


    We hold the highest level General Contractor and Roofing certification to perform work on all Florida residential and commercial buildings.


    Our company maintains two finance licenses that allow to provide 100% financing options for Roofing and all remodeling projects.

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What else will I need? – Your Real Estate License Number and a completed W-9 for commissions.

How Our Partnership Works

You get the flexibility to use 10% of the Contract Sum, at your discretion, that would typically be paid to a sales rep, because you shared a client with us who desires a roof or hurricane windows and doors.

So, what are my commission options?

Keep it all

You get 10% of the total contract sum for any project your client agrees to. Half on signing and half upon final payment for work completed.

Share it

You can give any portion of your commission to your client that can be used as an instant rebate and discount their total project cost.

Give it away

You can give your entire commission away to your client as a discount or rebate to help their real estate transaction close or simply as a gift.

The benefits of our partnership.

We only require what you already have – a real estate license, a completed W-9 form and clients seeking our services… how many do you already know or will be in contact with throughout your profession?

One of our owners is a Broker-Builder and he totally gets it.

The co-owner of our roofing, remodeling and construction company is also a real estate broker. He knows, first hand, the challenges that Realtors® face, the finesse it takes to manage a transaction and the ways to structure a real estate contract and closing so that the structural needs of the property are met.

A partnership with real estate professionals is highly and mutually beneficial to us also, because Realtors care so much about their clients that they KNOW what the client needs and can communicate very well.

Any objective from contract to closing or from the ground to roof, a builder partnership with us can achieve!

Real estate transactions are time sensitive and exhaustive. When faced with a closing barrier or educating a buyer with options that keep them excited about purchasing, a builder partnership gets results fast.

Partnering with a builder that gets you fast estimates for replacing a roof or installing hurricane windows to help a client buy or sell a property or save on insurance will elevate your real estate authority.

Set up a partnership with us and let us be your tool to complete the real estate wheel. Compliment your profession with a certified, licensed and insured Builder, Roofer and Remodeling Contractor.

Become a builder partner – it’s free!

Luke, The Owner and Real Estate Broker oversees the real estate professional partnership program. Call today and Luke will answer your questions and get you started with us.

You have any questions?

Yes, any question. Get answers to anything and everything, at any time, from the owner and his executive staff.

See Our Team at Work

“Showed Up Within Two Hours”

“I first noticed this company cause of the clever name. had called a few diff roofers who stated they were backed up because of the rain and ignacio had the perfect answer ... “ the ones that are backed up don’t want the work”. they showed up within two hours to do a free estimate and schedule the repair the following day. both guys were very professional and respectful of the property. would definitely recommend. may the force be with you”

— Brooke K.

Benefit From Our Partnership